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NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin Was Treated For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Mid-Race

NASCAR's Denny Hamlin Was Treated For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Mid-Race

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious threat to one’s health. When ingesting the chemical, it has the ability to make someone really sick. If enough of the chemical is ingested, things could even turn fatal. Luckily, in the case of Denny Hamlin, he wouldn’t suffer the worst case scenario. Carbon monoxide did, in fact play a major role in this past weekend’s race as Hamlin would have another competitor to fight. After the race came to an end, Hamlin found that natural exhaustion wasn’t the only reason for his fatigue.

Immediately following this past weekend’s race at Dover International Speedway, Hamlin would be tended to in the pits. The medical staff examined a version of Hamlin that a bystander said looked rather exhausted. He would then be carted away for further examination. After receiving oxygen and water, it appears as if Hamlin will end up being alright. He’s already slated to be ready to race this upcoming weekend. What happened to put him in this position, though? With so many races each year that go off without a hitch, something had to be wrong.

AP reports that “Hamlin’s car had been struck by debris on the track — which knocked out his rear right crush panel and created an opening which allowed the dangerous fumes to enter the inside of the car.” Over the course of an entire race, this one could’ve been much worse. Because NASCAR drivers go through much physical exertion, an already exhausted body might not know how to handle yet another layer of stress. This is certainly one to look at and be thankful that it didn’t get much worse. After reporting double vision and another general sickness during the race, who knows what could’ve happened. It’s a massive relief to hear that the driver managed to handle the conditions.

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