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National Lampoon’s Vacation “Family Truckster” Hits the Block at Barrett-Jackson

Throughout movie history, there have been some examples where the cars in certain films act almost as powerfully as the actors and actresses themselves. Some of these cars have a way of becoming icons. Over time, people who remember a movie might forget some of those acting in it. However, with the more iconic movie cars, they’re pretty hard to forget. When it comes to the “Family Truckster” that we saw National Lampoon’s Vacation, it just happens to be so unique that it’s almost impossible to forget. We wouldn’t be shocked if even some of those who haven’t seen the movie could pick it out of a crowd.

As far as the original Trucksters, there were only five of them made for the filming of the movie. However, there have been countless re-creations made. Now, we know what you might be thinking. A re-creation probably isn’t worth all that much money. However, as it turns out, some of the better replicas actually can fetch quite the bid. In this example, we see one that really makes the auction’s dollar signs climb.

This particular replica that was built for Beverly D’Angelo who most fans might know better as Ellen Griswold. Included with this unique replica is a signed poster by D’Angelo alongside a letter that she wrote talking all about her experience with the Truckster.

When seeing this thing roll across the stage, it would probably catch any casual fan’s eye. How good is it really, though? For what it’s worth, the announcer goes on to proclaim that it might just be the best replica that he has seen to date. When all was said and done, the final bid ended up reflecting this. Even though it wasn’t an original used in the movie, it still brought nearly 6 figures. When the final bid closed on the Barrett-Jackson stage, the tally would end with $91,000.


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