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Turbo 4 Rotor F1 Air Shifted Sequential BLASTS Highways During Social Distancing!

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on April 17, 2020

In this time of quarantine, a wide range of people are stuck inside. Some have taken this time to get a little bit of rest and relaxation in. However, others have found a way to remain productive in these days at home.

Over on the Mazzei Formula YouTube channel, let’s just say that it looks like they’ve managed to keep busy. The result of this hard work is a Mazda that is really a treat for the eyes and ears alike. We’re told that, after 120 days of intensive work, the 4-Rotor Mazda RX-7 that they’ve been working on is back! The upgrades include a new braking system, aerodynamics, suspension upgrades, axles, and a differential.

Perhaps the most impressive upgrade, though, is the pneumatic paddle-shifted sequential dog box transmission. As if a 4-rotor didn’t already make an impressive roar, this thing is going to sound even rowdier.

Let’s just say that they took the opportunity to make the most of the open roads. In this time of social distancing, the highways are much less cluttered than they used to be. Therefore, this beast of a machine stretched its legs out a little bit. Long story short, it sang its very own symphony.

At the end of the day, we’re going to recommend practicing all of the local traffic laws and speed limits. However, as we watch this one, we can’t help but crack a smile. Before diving into this, we would recommend cranking up those speakers as well. There’s just something about the scream of the rotary matched with those super-quick shifts that really make this car stand out as an amazing machine.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what dreams are made of. This is really one of those picture-perfect machines that we think would be great for a poster hanging in every kid’s bedroom.

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