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Video Brings “Need for Speed” Game to Real Life

For anyone who has touched a video game console over the last decade or two, they’re probably familiar with a little franchise that goes by the name of Need for Speed. Heck, for kids that grew up in the 90s and early 2000s, the franchise might’ve even been one of the motivating factors to get them interested in car culture.

Sure, the game might have been a little bit far-fetched. Their physics played like arcade games and over-the-top modifications were the whole appeal. There is no denying that the game was certainly one of the foundational bricks of car culture for many.

In this one, we check out an ode to the franchise. This one takes a real-life collection of shots and attempts to mimic a Need for Speed video game. The idea appears to be a shot-for-shot real life recreation of on-screen action. It kind of reminds us of that ultra-realistic Grand Theft Auto recreation video that took the web by storm.

There’s just something about this video that really gives us the itch to head to a gaming console and play a couple of races. Personally, I remember getting lost in games like these for hours when I was a little bit younger. There might’ve been times where I wouldn’t emerge from my room for entire days sometimes. I’m sure that I can speak for some others on that one as well.

Follow along in the video below that tries to imitate Need for Speed in real life. Be sure to tell us what you think of the way that this one was shot in such a light as to make it look like the iconic automotive video game. When the franchise was in its heyday, were you a massive NFS fan? Did you find yourself playing every game that they had ended up releasing in the series?