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Need To Weld In a Hurry? This Trick Allows You To Weld With Car Batteries

In an ideal situation, when you’re in need of a welder, you would find yourself at or near a facility that has its very own set of specific tools to get the job done. Whether it be your own garage or someone at a commercial garage is neither here nor there but the fact that you have an accessibility to someone who can weld is usually pretty handy. However, there are definitely situations that you might come across where you just so happen to need a quick weld but you’re not exactly carrying around your welder because, well, who does that?

This time, we check out a little solution that might be of assistance if you should be out in the middle of nowhere or in an area that doesn’t necessarily have access to the proper power source to get a welder moving. Heck, this might even work if you’re at home and you don’t want to spend the money to purchase a welder but you just need a quick weld done anyway. Instead of using the proper equipment, this time, we are shown a sort of backyard hack that can bring together a couple of batteries to show us exactly how welding can be done without a hitch!

Follow along in the video below the gives you the step-by-step process on exactly how, with some very basic accessories, you can strap together a couple of car batteries and get to welding. Now, while the welds from this aren’t probably going to be the most professional you have ever laid down, when you look at the setup, anything that holds metal together will probably suffice in a situation like this. Be sure to observe the step-by-step down below and tell us if this is something that you think that you would be willing to try if you were stuck in a tight spot or if you have any improvements to the design that could make it a little bit easier or more effective.

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