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Are Old Bench Vises Stronger Than New Ones? Test Compares to Find Out!

When it come to purchasing tools, there are tons of options. Even within one specific category, the options can seem almost limitless. One example of this would be something like a bench vise. Such a tool is rather simple in nature. With just a couple of pieces, there isn’t too much that could go wrong… or is there?

With only one moving part, a vise might not be the most complicated machine on earth. However, when it comes to getting the job done consistently over a long period of time, one option might be better than another. However, sometimes, saving money might be the best option of them all. Nobody wants to get a faulty tool. On the other hand, though, going overkill isn’t always necessary and could equate to flushing dollars down the drain. The difference might be massive but, when applied to an entire garage full of tools, it adds up.

This time, we get to take on a little bit of a comparison video that digs into every sort of bench vise imaginable. Obviously, there’s no way to compare every single vise that ever existed. However, this one takes a shot at vises, both old and new along with a homemade creation. Sometimes, there seems to be a sentiment that old things are built better. This little experiment will put that theory the test to see just how true it really is.

Following along with the video below, we are given the gamut of vise testing. Getting to the bottom of this one might help any potential customers by guiding them in the right direction to find the perfect tool for the job. We would probably venture to think that each and every one of these pieces of equipment is good for a specific job. Being able to match just the right piece at the right price point to your job is the answer to having the ultimate experience out in the garage.