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How To Make Friends With The Neighbors. Fire Up A Nitro Fuel Altered In The Street!

For every massive racing headquarters shop out there, there are a hundred guys who race out of their garage or a small shop in the back yard. We would all certainly love to have an expansive shop like the DSR Headquarters in Brownsburg, Indiana or Meyer Racing’s gorgeous facility in Spring Hill, Kansas, but unless you either come from an independently wealthy family or have huge contracts with corporate sponsors, that’s just not going to be a reality for most of us.

So what do you do when all you have to work with is the garage at your house, but you need to fire up your fuel altered to check things out between races? If you’re like these guys, you push it out into the street and introduce yourself to the neighbors in the best way possible!

Just think about it, what better way to weed out which of your fellow cul de sac residents get invited to your block parties and summer cookouts than by firing up a raucous blown fuel altered right there at the bottom of the driveway. The neighbors that come out to check out the ride and talk about racing with you go to the top of the invite list, while those who shoot you dirty looks from their windows or doors go to the bottom. Should anybody be so lame as to call the cops, they’re left off the list altogether and go to the top of potential houses to receive an impromptu toilet paper treat at the first opportunity.

We don’t know too much about this car, other than it being fielded by the Umlauf Family and that it’s being tuned up to take on the Pro Mod vs Fuel Altered event at Denton, Texas-based Northstar Dragway, a facility known for hosting badass events and producing world record elapsed times. With the massive blower strapped to a HEMI power plant, this thing looks and sounds like it’s more than capable of rotating the earth at the hit of the throttle, so maybe we’ll find out more about this ride and share with you soon! Until then, just enjoy this clip of it being warmed up right there in the road!


After a long winter and rebuild, the Umlauf family team is back to make some fire, just out of the right places this time! See you all at the Pro Mod vs. Fuel Altered race at Denton's Northstar Dragway next weekend for the debut. A BIG thanks and shout out goes to Scott Gaddy Racing for all the help with assembly and parts. We wouldn't be out this early without him.

Posted by Umlauf Racing on Saturday, June 23, 2018

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