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Never Trust a G-Body… Sleeper Central!

When it comes to going fast, naturally, everybody’s mind goes straight to the Fox Body Ford Mustang as the most efficient way to do it. It is, after all, one of the most modified dragr acing machines that you will see on tracks around the country. However, if there’s one car that is underrated that you need to keep an eye on, it’s anything that comes with the G-body chassis, we’re talking about those mid 80s Chevrolet Monte Carlo machines and Oldsmobiles that look like something that your grandfather might have originally driven to the corner store or church on a Sunday morning. However, with what most folks have been able to accomplish with them out on the track, they’re anything but a grandfather’s car.

This time, we head to Cecil County dragway to check out the action as we catch up with a swap that has been tried and true. We’re talking, of course, about the good old fashion LSx engines pulled out of trucks that have been slapped in more cars than we could possibly imagine. When combined with just the right power adder, these things can really rip and that’s exactly what we see here in a car that has been known to be capable of nine-second passes in the quarter mile. It might not look like it on the outside, but when push comes to shove, this thing has lots of bite even though it might not have much bark as a quiet sort of sleeper.

Follow along with the video down below as this incredible machine spools up and blasts it’s way down the track, managing to come up with a couple of quick and clean passes on what is, believe it or not, a tune that doesn’t crank out this engine to its full potential.

Even when it’s not turned all the way up, I have to say this car is really a joy to watch, so tune in to the clip down below that gives you some more information about what you can expect to see from the machine shortly before watching it absolutely rip!


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