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NEW 2025 Dodge Charger Creates Most Controversial Debut Ever

It appears that the era of combustion power isn’t over just yet.

The internet was set abuzz last year with news that the Dodge Charger would be discontinuing its V8 option. This decision caused a stir, considering the V8 engine had been synonymous with the Charger nameplate since its inception. While various trim levels over the years offered entry into the Charger world at different price points and saved money by offering more economical engine options, viewing the model as anything other than a muscle car seemed sacrilegious.

However, Dodge’s announcement of dropping the V8 from the lineup sent shockwaves through the community nonetheless. The replacement faces the tough task of winning over enthusiasts, yet there are promising signs of life from the brand.

Recently, there’s been a revelation that Dodge isn’t bidding farewell to combustion engines entirely. Despite the initial buzz surrounding the 2024 model year release of an electric Charger dubbed the “Scat Pack” boasting up to 670 hp and covering a quarter mile in 11.5 seconds, recent developments indicate that combustion engines will still have a place in Dodge’s future lineup next model year.

Screen Shot 2024 03 06 at 112005 AM

Enter the “Sixpack,” Dodge’s combustion-powered variation, set to feature a twin-turbo six-cylinder engine with two different configurations. The standard variant, known as the S.O. (Standard Output), pumps out a respectable 420 horsepower. Meanwhile, the upgraded version delivers a hefty 550 hp. Additionally, all-wheel-drive comes standard with both Sixpack models.

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While the twin-turbo inline-6 may fall short of the electric variation’s 670 hp, 550 hp is nothing to scoff at. Exciting driving awaits with the two or four-door options in the 2025 lineup, set for release later this year.

It does look as if the Scat Pack is what the brand intends to roll out as its most highly touted performer. A release from Dodge promises the car to have performance akin to the Hellcat Redeye while delivering the industry’s “First electric muscle car.”

Screen Shot 2024 03 06 at 113233 AM

Below, we eagerly check in with the official worldwide unveiling of Dodge’s upcoming Charger lineup thanks to TFL Car and Edmunds Cars, poised to make waves in the automotive industry once again.

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