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New Obscure Modular Hub Caps Offer Fake Big Disc Brakes

Out there in the world of automotive modification, anything goes. Obviously, certain trends are going to be more popular than others. However, obscure ideas can still catch on and have people ordering away. At the end of the day, raking in cash is with the aftermarket is all about. If it just so happens to be a quirky appearance modification to get that job done, so be it.

This time, we follow along with a company that goes by the name of Better Than Wheels or BTW for short. Essentially, what the company creates is a modular hubcap. They’d probably be pretty upset if we called it that, though. It doesn’t look like the design is anything like your traditional hubcap. Instead, the faux wheel bolts straight to the real one. It also has several different layers that give enthusiasts different options to customize.

As we see here, there is even a fake brake caliper that can be included as well. Now, there are probably going to be some people who argue that if it’s not real then why bother? On the other hand, though, for those who are looking to cheaply modify their vehicle without dropping big money on all the components, this could give their ride a different look. In addition, these BTW units stretch over the tire to give the wheel a bigger appearance.

By following along with the video below, we join in with something that is really anything but conventional. It does definitely seem to be offbeat. However, every once in a while, we find that an offbeat idea ends up sticking. Will this be the next big thing that could land in automotive visual modification or will it be gone quicker than it got here?

Lots of different inventions enter this space. Only the strong survive.