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New Camera Technology Spies on Drivers Texting While Driving, Fines Issued

Where should the line be drawn?

This is the question that generally surrounds technology that causes people to lose their privacy.

Everyone wants to live in a safer world. Needless to say, operating a vehicle while on a mobile device isn’t safe. However, at what cost should enforcing these laws come? At what point are these devices less about safety and more about revenue generation?

All of those questions and more are currently being asked in New South Wales, Australia (NSW).

A six-month trial of cell phone camera technology has captured over 100,000 drivers using their cell phones while driving, says 7News. Unmarked cameras, much like those being used for red light and speeding infractions are being put in play. These cameras will be both fixed and mobile, using trailers as their mount.

The images are said to be destroyed within an hour after being taken if no phone is detected by an algorithm. If a mobile phone is present, the image will be reviewed by 2 qualified professionals. A fine will be applied and points issued to drivers if they are caught breaking applicable laws in a school zone.

“Regional Roads Minister Paul Toole says an estimated 135 million vehicle checks will be performed annually under the program by 2023,” 7News reported.

The report continues that this technology is projected to potentially save 100 lives each year. If projections meet their goals, an interesting debate is sure to follow on the highly invasive technology.

As of now, the tech seems to only exist in Australia. As an American publication, this leads us to question if and when it will spread abroad. Will there be a day and age where everyone is held accountable for texting and driving via video camera?

Are you ok with being spied on via this sort of camera if lives can be saved in the process?