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Dude Wrecks His Car While Swerving in Traffic, Live Streaming at Over 100 MPH

Dude Wrecks His Car While Swerving in Traffic, Live Streaming at Over 100 MPH

If there’s one thing that’s hard to argue with, it’s the fact that social media has changed the way that people interact. Never has there been such a time where folks are wanting to share every single waking moment. As different platforms have emerged, we have seen some trends that might be a little bit stranger than others. Some of them are harmless. Posting the occasional picture of your lunch might be a little bit strange but isn’t hurting anybody. This time, though, we take an opportunity to dial ourselves into the more dangerous side of social media.

The need for attention that social media has generated can result in some dangerous situations.

For the driver behind the wheel of the car in the video depicted below, we watch a moment that doesn’t make much sense. The driver would show himself, live on camera, breaking multiple laws and driving rather recklessly. As he barrelled his way down the highway, holding the wheel just one hand, things would get rather intense. In the other hand, he live-streamed himself swerving in and out of traffic. The incident unfolded on I-95 N/B x85 in Groton City, Connecticut.

Before we know it, the driver would make his way off at an exit. He was still moving at a rate of speed and recording. One thing leads to another and the car is sliding off the side of the ramp and into some nearby foliage. The driver was not seriously injured after the incident. Luckily, the crash happened in a space that was isolated from the rest of the people on the highway that day.

At the end of the day, hopefully, this provides a wake-up call for anyone who is looking to engage in this sort of behavior. Remember, boys and girls: putting yourself in harm’s way for imaginary internet points is a recipe for disaster.


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