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New EV Shakes Like a Dog to Remove Snow

Technology is a fascinating pursuit, often defying predictions and offering surprises with each new advancement. Do we have flying cars like The Jetsons predicted? Not exactly. However, there is some really cool stuff making its way to the market that we’re not sure anyone saw coming!

One recent innovation that caught our attention comes from the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, Nio.

The Nio ET9 boasts a revolutionary SkyRide chassis system designed to deliver an exceptionally smooth ride. At its core lies the world’s first integrated hydraulic fully active suspension, offering dynamic adjustments to stiffness, damping, and height to enhance the overall driving experience. It’s basically supposed to adapt on the fly to create a comfortable driving experience. Nothing is all that exciting…

However, what truly intrigued us was an unconventional application demonstrated in a video released by the automaker.


Rather than solely focusing on optimizing the vehicle’s performance over varied terrain, the video showcased the ET9 employing its suspension system in a novel manner. It depicted the vehicle rocking back and forth, akin to a dog shaking off excess snow. This unexpected use case raised questions about the system’s versatility and potential practical applications.

The technology’s real-world usefulness is uncertain, but witnessing it in action challenges the norm, leaving an undeniable impression.

As someone familiar with cold climates, the prospect of an automated snow removal system integrated into a vehicle certainly piqued my interest. Such innovation could prove super convenient, particularly for those of us residing in regions prone to heavy snowfall.


We present the video posted by Nio, providing viewers with a firsthand look at this intriguing technology. In an era rife with digitally altered content, receiving information directly from the source lends an air of authenticity and credibility to the demonstration that almost feels computer generated.

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