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Ingenious Parking Garages that Everyone Will Appreciate

As car enthusiasts, I’m sure that pretty much all of us have a list of machines in our minds that would be an absolute dream to own. This wishlist isn’t alone, though, as an amazing collection of cars has to be accompanied by an amazing garage as well. Right?

Just like there are lots of different choices in the world of automobiles, the world of garages is exactly the same. In fact, there might even be more options when it comes to picking out just the right garage as one could theoretically create anything that their mind could possibly think up. The possibilities are only bound by the amount of space that one has and how much money they’re willing to spend.

Now, in most cases, a realistic dream garage might consist of the likes of something like a pole barn or standalone structure that is simple to the point. It might not be anything super special but it provides a lot of space to store as many dream machines as possible.

What happens, though, when somebody decides that they don’t want the typical pole barn? What if they want to get a bit more creative instead?

This time, we check in with a variety of ingenious parking garages that build upon the typical garage style that we are all familiar with. Each one of these creations has its own trick features that make it stand out from the standard garage offering we see with most homes.

From delivery systems that will pick out your car like a vending machine to secret garages hidden in plain sight or structures made to be convenient in obscure places, this list has quite the compilation of features that we think might just be added to the wishlist of many who watch the video.