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7 Strange New Engines That Might Take Over the World

Every day, engineers are hard at work trying to come up with the next big thing. In the world of the automobile, finding a way to most efficiently use the power sources available is the current hot topic of discussion. With a movement that seems to be moving toward electric and small displacement boosted applications, it leads the consumer to wonder what the world of tomorrow is going to have for automotive power. In the process of coming up with just the right combination of factors, there are certainly some wacky combinations that will be born as a result. After all, some concepts that have seemed like the craziest might have just turned out to be the ones to work best, if history has told us anything. Some of these combos will never make it into mass production but certainly are interesting to take a look at, conceptually.

This time, we dig into a video that brings us along for the ride as we observe seven engines that are strange and present technology that maybe we haven’t seen before. While some of them are really far off in left field, others have been put into production are being tested and improved upon every day. It’s hard to say which one of these are going to have any real merit in the long term but each and every one of them brings an interesting set of ideas the table to observe. Perhaps different aspects can be picked and chosen from these engines to make one awesome finished product.

By following along with the compilation below, we get to see all sorts of engines. One of our favorite ideas would change the compression ratio based on need, attempting to use advantages of both diesel and gas applications. Another engine had no spark plugs and two cylinders per cylinder chamber. Sure, we’ve become used to seeing certain concepts put in place over the vast majority of engines but who knows what the future holds in terms of the most efficient powerplant?