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New Flying Cars Coming to Highways by 2030

Reflecting on the past, it’s intriguing how people envisioned the future, especially with the anticipation of flying cars.

Born in the ’90s, many imagined flying cars by 2024, influenced by sci-fi concepts. In 2024, those driving notice flying cars aren’t mainstream.

Patience pays off. Soon, drive the AeroHT EVTOL, a sleek, aggressive design by Xpeng—like a regular car but futuristic.

The true marvel happens when the roof opens, unveiling propellers that transform this futuristic hot rod from a car into a sort of drone within seconds. While concepts like these seem to surface frequently on the internet, Xpeng claims that they aim to have this flying car on the road by 2030. While 2030 might seem distant, the reality is that it’s not too far off on the horizon.

In the video below from the SupercarBlondie YouTube channel, we get an exclusive tour of this futuristic flying car, providing a sneak peek into what tomorrow’s transportation might look like.

Bad drivers complicate ground navigation; now, an added dimension. By 2030, vehicles like this may integrate autonomous driving, innovating transportation.