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New Tech Allows Heavy Equipment To Be Maneuvered With Xbox Controller

Stanley Remote Operated Control System

As technology continues to evolve, we get to places further and further away from where physical human labor needs to be done in order to accomplish a task. Years ago, obviously, the physical use of the body played a massive role in accomplishing heavy construction jobs. As time would go on, naturally, we would develop machines to carry out these tasks. These days, the machines are getting more and more complex. This means that the job can be automated or in some way made a little bit safer or more efficient.

One of the latest innovations that we see from my company In Stanley that we know for making quality tools is too cool to turn down. Essentially, the innovation will act as a sort of control that turns every construction site into something more effective and probably a little bit more fun. With an innovation that looks very much like your standard PlayStation or Xbox controller, several problems are solved. In fact, these things could be taking over job sites around the world before we know it.

By following along with the video below, we check out the technology that aims to make construction equipment accessible by remote control. We found ourselves asking what the benefits of such a system would be. One example of a situation might be as follows. What if an equipment operator needed to see a load they were about to lift but couldn’t from the cab? Instead of doing it from the cab, they could do it remotely. Furthermore, sometimes, these sorts of tasks require a spotter. With a tool like this, no spotter would be necessary which could definitely saveLabor in the long run.

It has to be a pain to implement this system, though, right? Well, if you ask Stanley, they say that it can be put in place in about a day or so!