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“Top Gun: Maverick” Trailer Has Dropped, Get Ready for Sweet Nostalgia

There are some movies that find a way to captivate audiences to the point where they become classics. These movies are held in high regard as the decades roll on and can create some interesting conversation. Among the conversations that we have about them comes that of bringing them back.

When a movie has come close to achieving perfection, this can most definitely be a sore subject. Some fans seem to think that reviving a classic is disrespectful to the original. These people think that well enough should be left alone and that the title should stand as is. If you asked them about a reboot or a sequel years later, they’d probably have some argument against it.

However, on the other hand, there are those who can’t help but be excited about a reboot. Sometimes, when it’s done right, a newer version of a movie can bring its feeling back to life. With all of the modern technology available to make movies these days, it might even make them better.

One of the latest to make its way back to the silver screen is Top Gun in what looks to be another installment to the story. Recently, a trailer for the film was dropped and to be honest, our adrenaline is going already. One thing for sure is that this film is really going to have to deliver to live up to the legacy left behind by the first one!

What we do know for sure, via IMDB, is that we will be seeing the likes of a Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer return. That’s right, Maverick and Ice Man are going to be back in the mix! Whether or not this film will live up to the classic is yet to be seen. We’re incredibly excited to see Top Gun: Maverick give it a shot, though!

The movie is slated to come out summer 2020.