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Next Generation of Mustang to go Fully Electric, Drop Combustion Power Completely

For the 2021 model year, Ford will be bringing electric power to the Mustang nameplate with the Mustang Mach-E. While the Mach-E isn’t necessarily what most would consider a traditional Mustang, the attachment to the Mustang name has certainly caused a little bit of controversy around the automotive water cooler.

Buckle up. Things Might Get Turbulent.

As is the case whenever there is change, some folks lack on to tradition and the Mustang is no exception. Any sort of big change just doesn’t seem to stick for some enthusiasts and we’re sure that there will be plenty denouncing the Mach-E until the day that they die, no matter how good or bad the SUV might be.

However, for those who haven’t taken so kindly to the electrification and SUV version of the Mustang, we have some news that might not exactly sit too well with them.

Recently, there have been reports circulating that the next generation of the Ford Mustang won’t be produced until December 2028 for the 2029 model year. This would make the current generation, the S550, the longest standing generation, standing at 14 years, the same as the Fox Body. More recently, each generation has stuck around for about a decade before being turned over.

Instead, It is speculated that the reason for the delay is because we’re going to see a shift of the plates, if you will, as it applies to the next upcoming generation of Mustang.

As speculated by Auto Forecast Solutions, it is now predicted that the next generation of Mustang will come to us in the form of an EV. We aren’t simply talking about the Mach-E, either. Instead, the Mustang as we have always known it will be powered by electric as well, if you believe these reports.

Furthermore, speculation says that it’s not going to be an option to have electric power. Instead, it seems as if this will be how the cars come standard as Ford could dump combustion entirely.

As of now, these reports are yet to be confirmed by Ford. However, this path doesn’t deviate far from the trend that we’ve seen recently on the automotive market.

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