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NHRA Top Fuel Cars Make Full Passes in the Rain for the Fans – Super Sketchy

If there are definitely two things that don’t go together well at all, we’d think those would probably be Top Fuel drag racing, or any sort of drag racing, for that matter, and water. The moment that the sky opens up and starts getting the track wet is generally the same moment that those in charge decide to shut it all down and during this event in Japan, the case was certainly no different. A day at the track could normally be a bummer but the fact that these Top Fuel drag cars and their teams were hauled all the way over from America made this rain even more of a damper on the day.

Now normally, in a situation like this, it would be about that time when teams pack it up and go home for the day after the officials call off the race.

However, some of the teams on site decided that they wanted to put on a display for the fans regardless, even if it weren’t a full-fledged race. Therefore, some of the teams involved here would decide to head out to the racing surface anyway, firing up their cars, and seeing exactly what the situation would be all about if they tried to lay any of that power to the ground on the track while it was soaking wet.

Needless to say, the cars that normally require a very specific compound in order to gain traction didn’t really have luck with the soaking wet surface, however, as it turns out, it wasn’t as catastrophic as you might have imagined. In addition, I bet that the Japanese fans that showed up really appreciated the fact that they got a little bit of a show after coming out, spending their time and money, and standing in the rain waiting for a race to happen.

Sure, it might not have been an actual race but what they did get might be something that most would call a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see.