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Nissan 350z Converted to Oversize Snowmobile, Must See

One of the beautiful things about likes of the internet and social media is that it brings to our attention some of the most creative undertakings from all corners of pretty much every niche that one can imagine. Before we had this wonderful power to reach out to communicate with one another at pretty much any time and have access to such a wide range of content and people, it makes one wonder how many things would just fall by the wayside, perhaps being something that has potential to be great but instead gets shuffled into the cracks, never to be seen from again.

In this one, we get to see one of the very wonderful creations introduced to us through the likes of the internet that we think should be shared with anybody who’s into the world of cars or better yet, anyone with a sense of adrenaline. The creativity was really broken out here as somebody took a look at a traditional Nissan 350z and didn’t see drift car or some sort of road dweller. Instead, what they would envision while looking at the machine would be none other than an off-road ski vehicle. If that sounds strange to you, it’s probably because it absolutely is. However, we can’t help but love every last-second of it.

By following along in the video below, we get a unique view of the Nissan 350Zki in all of its glory, allowing us to see a car that has been transferred from a roadworthy machine to one that we would imagine is nothing short of the best that one would be able to get of the goal at hand was to plow our way through the snow. This is one that you really have to see to believe and the video below accomplishes just that as we see the Z living its best life.