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Nitro Circus, And Their Crazy Contraptions They Launch On The Big Air Ramp

Back in the early 2000’s, a young daredevil named Travis Pastrana started selling DVD’s of him and his friends doing stunts on a makeshift ramp in Travis’ back yard. Those DVD’s would grow to become a global entertainment empire, spawning a hugely popular television show, a movie, and a worldwide touring stunt show that sells out arenas around the globe.

One of the biggest draws to the show, which would become known as Nitro Circus, is the crazy things these guys and gals use for their stunts. Sure, there are plenty of dirt bikes, BMX bicycles, and skateboards, all of which you expect to see catching big air over monster gaps.

But what about the flying recliner, or the guy hitting a huge jump on a boogie board with wheels.

There are plenty of other ridiculous rides too, like the scaled-down Volkswagen “hippie bus”, a ride that looks cool, but with almost no suspension to speak of, could be really dangerous if every precaution isn’t taken to make sure the landing goes smoothly. The same goes for the huge cooler and the barrel used to hit the ramp as well.

I love the canoe with wheels, which like the hippie bus, has nothing as far as suspension to soften the blow of a hard landing, so its up to the guys at the top of the ramp to make sure whoever rides it out in the tiny boat – and each of these crazy contraptions – to make sure they have enough speed to hit the down side of the landing ramp. Come up a little short, like Kurtis Downs does when he back flips the big wheel tricycle and the impact with the top of the landing area is about the same as being dropped flat on your butt from atop a two story building.

These guys know the risks they’re taking though, and so far, other than some broken bones and sprains and probably a few concussions, they’ve all managed to walk away and live to stunt another day!


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