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No landing gear on this RC fighter jet ends in emergency landing

As you can probably imagine with all of the amazing lifelike creations that come about in the remote control community, real life problems unfold with the miniaturized creations as well. We would imagine that they can get rather expensive when all is said and done.

This time, we catch up with an RC fighter jet that has an issue with the landing gear and the drama that results from such a situation is so so real. Sure, there will not be any life at stake here but it is still suspenseful to watch the jet’s attempt to land and save itself from big time damage.

With a rather expensive toy in danger, the skilled pilot brings in the jet to try and land it without catastrophe rearing its head and he does a rather good job. Personally, I have never flown something like this but you can just tell that this guy has his stuff together on the controls.

It’s a pleasure to watch the craft come in and slowly maneuver itself back down as it comes back to safety. I’m not sure if I personally could stand that kind of pressure and adversity to bring this thing to safety. Hats off to this guy for his abilities behind the sticks of that controller!