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North VS South! Redneck Tough Truck Racing At Dennis Anderson Muddy Motorsports park!

There are few things more fun that loading up in your very own home-built offroad pickup or SUV and head out to do some Redneck Tough Truck racing. With a huge field of Jeeps and pickup trucks, all of which are reasonably low-budget builds that anybody can bring out to compete, the 2017 Dennis Anderson Muddy Motorsports Park’s North vs South Mud Bog event had a little something for everybody.

We don’t know all of the rules for what can and can’t be done to these rides, but it looks like they are all fairly close to stock ride height and none of them are running huge tires, so we’re going to assume the rules are fairly restrictive, but that doesn’t limit the fun. You can tell from the dirt slinging and the suspension bouncing that these guys are having a great time on the down-and-back course, especially when they catch a little air over the jumps and slam down on the other side.

Thanks to the guys at Busted Knuckle Films, we get to see the whole field compete and with their perspective from up in the stands, we get to hear a lot of the crowd’s reaction to the action. We love the variety of these rides and the drivers’ varied approaches to the course. Some of them take the balls-out approach, only to find themselves with broken parts before they’ve completed their runs while other driver take it easy and just flat get outran. Somewhere between all-out and super-cautious is a winning approach that will get you to the finish line fairly quickly with your ride all in one piece.

Of course, the crowd loves the guys who let it all hang out and catch massive air, a questionable decision in a basically stock ride as far as risking getting your bell rung upon landing, but these guys do it all for the glory and there are few things that pump up your ego like the crowd cheering you on!



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