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Norwegian Cruise Offers Cruise Ship with Go-Kart Track on Top

For those who have found cruise ships to have always been something that kind of caught their eye but with nothing really about them to make these people take that leap from wanting to go on one to actually going out and spending hard earned money to make it happen, we might’ve just found their ideal cruise.

This time, we might have just stumbled upon a little something that will make just about anyone want to leave solid land and spend said hard earned money to travel around on such a ship. Let’s just say that while on vacation, everyone’s inner gearhead will be able to come out in full. With all that adrenaline and a view to top it all off, the Norwegian Joy Cruise Ship might just be the ultimate adventure.

Not only does this ship provide you with lots of luxuries that you would find on a normal vacation, but it also includes the full Ferrari experience, bringing go-karts on board to spice up that vacation just a little bit more and involve that need for speed that never dies on a week or two away from the real world. It just so happens to be the first ever race track built on a cruise ship, too! There are a lot of scenic race tracks that give drivers a view while taking the checkered flag but with this one, that view could be just about anything as the ship moves from port to port.

As we check out the video down below, we end up getting the full lowdown on exactly what is to be expected to see on these cruise ships that will allow participants to lay down into that throttle and have a little bit of fun competition right before kicking back and sipping that margarita out in the sun.