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Ocean Spray Gifts TikTok’er a Truck For Viral “Dreams” Trend

One of the things that we absolutely love about social media is that it gives just about anybody the opportunity to share their story with the world. Before social media was in the pocket of basically everybody in America, that decision would rely on somebody else. Without the help of a Hollywood executive or being discovered in some way, becoming famous was almost impossible.

Today, all that it takes is a cell phone which most people have in their pockets. When recording a short video, one could theoretically be famous within a week. As different forms of social media pop up and become popular, they each have their own set of superstars. Some may carry over from having Hollywood fame or notoriety on other platforms. However, when something like TikTok began to grow, it would yield a new set of creators who were good at making the content that the platform wanted.

One of those creators goes by the name of 420doggface208. His real name is Nathan Apodaca.

In a world full of mayhem and craziness, Apodaca found his niche in creating fun dance videos. Many times, he would even take the vibe to the street, rolling around on his longboard and just grooving along to a little bit of music. His videos have been popular on TikTok for quite a while. However, recently, when just rolling down the highway on his longboard, vibing out to a little bit of Fleetwood Mac and drinking out of a bottle of ocean spray, he really hit the viral stream.

In fact, the video would go so viral that it would become one of the platform’s most popular trends to imitate. The trend was even carried out by Mick Fleetwood himself who suggested that the two collaborate when COVID calms down.

The video got so popular, in fact, that it even caught the attention of Ocean Spray, the folks behind the cranberry juice that Apodaca was drinking in the video. Below, we check in with the scene that has Ocean Spray handing over the keys, in collaboration with Ron Sayer Nissan, to a new truck to Apodaca. It was even complete with a bed full of juice!

While Apodaca probably didn’t think much of it at the time, we would venture to think that this trend has sold more than just a couple of bottles of cranberry juice.


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