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Odd Challenge Sets Out to See Who Can Get a Speeding Ticket First

Over the years, we all change. These days, you might not know it, but automotive figurehead, Rob Ferretti, wasn’t always so calm. It seems like as he has developed his businesses and grown over the years, Ferretti isn’t as wild as he used to be.

However, those who remember Rob from back in his SuperSpeeders days probably remember a different guy. This version of Ferretti was an individual who seemed to be constantly finding himself in positions where he would tangle with the law. I guess that can tend to happen when you and all of your friends have high dollar exotic cars. Under the “SuperSpeeders” name, they weren’t exactly driving carefully, either.

An OBscure Challenge

In most situations, somebody wouldn’t want to become entangled with a police officer while driving. In fact, for those with flashy cars, they might find that the situation can actually become a bit of a nuisance. However, in this particular throwback, we run into a couple of gentlemen who had different ideas entirely.

Instead of trying to avoid contact with police officers, Rob Ferretti and Matt Farah welcomed it. In an act that we’re not sure if we should classify as bravery or stupidity, the two would see who could get a traffic ticket first. That’s right, the goal was to set out and speed past police officers to see who might get pulled over before the other. Call it what you want but it actually ends up being some pretty entertaining content to digest.

By following along with the video below, we get to take a look at an old school video that comes to life once again. These guys really went above and beyond to try and get written up. Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend trying this one at home. It might end with some not so satisfying byproducts.