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OG Fireball Takes on Outlaw Armageddon 7 on a Big Tire

When it comes to considering the shortlist of competitors that one might expect to win at any given big tire event, Ryan Martin should be on that list. The combination of Martin and his Fireball Camaros have proven to be a contender no matter who is in the next lane over. It doesn’t matter if it’s televised on Street Outlaws or if it’s at a no-prep event like Outlaw Armageddon 7, Martin is going to be one to keep an eye out on.

This time, we get the check-in with a recent video that has a little bit of a throwback vibe to it. Instead of the gray Fireball that we have all come to know and love as it has become Martin’s main machine, we got to check in with the fifth-generation Camaro that Martin originally made his presence felt with on the racing scene.

In this particular outing, we check in with the action from Outlaw Armageddon 7 and boy is this thing brimming with excitement. In the next lane over, we find a formidable set of opponents. However, there is no deterring Martin from taking on the event with a full head of steam. In fact, it doesn’t matter who the competitor is, it seems as if Mr. Fireball himself is up for the challenge, knocking down each and every person who stands in between him and big tire victory.

Down in the video below, we get quite a unique chance to check in with the action from a little bit of a different perspective. Instead of getting the coverage from a media crew, this time it’s coming from Martin’s camp. This is definitely a unique way of getting to take a look behind the scenes and seeing the event as close to a driver’s perspective as we possibly can.

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