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Oil rig anchor chain snaps nearly killing a deck hand

For any job out of sea, there are a lot of factors to consider. From an amateur point of view, it seems like they are twice as many hazards to a job as soon as its put on the water and those hazards look like they unfold twice as quickly out there in the liquid abyss.

In this one, we ride along on an oil rig as an anchor in use to secure the rig simply can’t hold the immense pressure that weighs on it any longer. The result of one of the links giving out is nothing short of terrifying as it nearly causes some dire circumstances to unfold.

Cameras capture the action as the gigantic heavyweight chain goes flying, Nearly knocking over a crew member as it swings across the deck with a vengeance, aiming for whatever or whoever comes across its pass and guaranteeing to take them down. Check out the footage for yourself down below that shows this scary moment that is really too close for comfort. If someone were standing in the way of this thing, even being completely aware and having eyes in the back of their head probably wouldn’t have been enough to save them from the fury of all that steel. Luckily, it doesn’t look like anyone was banged up or injured in the process.

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