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OKC Real Street Shootout For Cash And Bragging Rights

It’s no secret that Oklahoma City and the surrounding suburbs are home to many of the most badass street cars in the nation. While we’re all very familiar with the Street Outlaws lineup, those guys are hardly the only Okies putting it down on the streets of the 405 area code.

While we’ve watched Big Chief, Murder Nova, Doc, Daddy Dave and the rest of the gang and their rides progressively develop faster and faster – and arguably much less streetable – racecars, there are still plenty of legitimated street cars lurking around OKC to put on a good old fashioned street race without the camera crews and closed off streets.

That’s exactly what we have here, thanks to Big Rob Entertainment, one of the original personalities behind Street Outlaws coming into existence. Rob brought out his camera and followed the action in the 5-car shootout. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the location changes about halfway through, an almost certain indicator that the cops showed up at the first spot and forced the group to reconvene at another location. If that’s not real street racing, I don’t know what is.

The cars (and truck!) draw, pair up, and race, eventually eliminating all but two, a late model Mustang known as DaCreamMachine and a Malibu labeled simply as Thomas – we aren’t sure if that’s the driver’s name or what they call the G-Body – in the finals. Thomas jumps out to a holeshot lead by nailing the flagger’s armdrop, but DaCreamMachine managed to just reel him in and take the win and the cash.

There’s a grudge race following the final featuring one of the coolest rides of the group, a square body Chevy with what looks to be a supercharge LT-series engine swap in an otherwise low-key package. These are some awesome rides and really capture the essence of the true street scene around OKC.