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Old C10 Carbon Widebody Drifts The Streets Of LA

In recent years, the Chevrolet C10 platform has experienced a surge in popularity within the hot-rodding community. These pickup trucks have emerged as a canvas for creativity, with enthusiasts embracing a multitude of approaches to personalize their rides.

Enter the AutotopiaLA YouTube channel, which offers a captivating glimpse into a C10 unlike any other seen before. This particular truck has been transformed into a drift machine—an unconventional twist on the classic enthusiast favorite. Throw in the carbon fiber widebody kit and you really have yourself a one-of-a-kind unique creation.

Gabe Franco, from Franco’s Speed Shop, initially embarked on constructing this C10 as an autocross build. However, a ride-along experience and a newfound passion for drifting altered the trajectory of the project entirely. This is where things got a little… sideways!

Over the years, this truck has evolved into a budget-friendly build brimming with character. Powered by a 355 cubic inch small block Chevy engine and Tremec Magnum transmission, it’s capable of thrilling sideways maneuvers as its owner fearlessly floors the accelerator. Occasionally, Los Angeles streets serve as the stage for its breathtaking drift displays, offering spectators a spectacle to behold.

AutotopiaLA’s video provides a comprehensive overview of the truck’s transformation, accompanied by the captivating narrative behind its creation. Sometimes, it’s not just about the build itself but the story about how someone found a way to be resourceful to build their dream ride that really makes a truck come to life. It’s a testament to the allure of garage-built machines, showcasing the ingenuity and passion of everyday enthusiasts.

In a world where professional builds often dominate the spotlight, stories like this resonate deeply. They highlight the accessibility of automotive customization, demonstrating that remarkable creations can stem from humble beginnings. Aspiring builders and enthusiasts alike find inspiration in such relatable tales, igniting a shared appreciation for the craft of automotive customization.

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