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Old Chevy Tug-of-War Van Steals the Show, You’ve Never Seen One Like This

For most folks, if they take a look at an old Chevrolet van, especially one like we see in the video here, they might look at it as a sort of last resort when it comes to transportation or maybe if they have some sort of special utility needs, a vehicle that can haul a lot of cargo.

However, it’s definitely not something that most people would look twice at when they see one rolling down the road in its stock appearing form or close to it. Honestly, it’s probably also not a vehicle that many would look at and think “Hey, that would be something that could be a lot of fun to modify.”

However, when the person behind this insane van thought up their rendition of an old Chevrolet, such a van appears to be exactly what they thought of because this thing has really gone above and beyond both literally and figuratively toward making the old-school creation one that is truly unforgettable. From top to bottom, it appears as if someone with a handy touch has done everything that they possibly could to make this van stick out from the crowd and it certainly isn’t all appearance either as it really has the muscle to back it up.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll check out the incredible muscle van as it hits the tug-of-war pad, going at it with a pickup truck that looks to be pretty stout in itself. However, no matter what the competition is on the other side, at least in this case, this old-school van really does a great job of flexing its muscles and showing who the boss is.

After checking out this one-of-a-kind creation, be sure to tell us exactly what you think of how this van has been modified thoroughly to create quite the machine.