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The Aspark Owl – Insane All Electric Hypercar – 0-60 in 1.9 seconds

I’m not even sure where to start with this video. First of all, I will have to admit the this car, the Owl built by Aspark, is a pretty wild looking ride. There are clearly some issues with the body fit and finish, but it’s also early preliminary testing and there is much left to do to get the Owl ready for production.

I understand that the video was shot in Japan and with that being the case, I should expect things be done a little differently than we do here in the states. First of all, these executives appear to be using their own parking lot to do the preliminary acceleration test. This wouldn’t be the worst idea, especially when the car is in such preliminary stages of the build, but a company here in the states or even most automakers around the world for that matter are going to have some kind of testing facility for their cars and there are good reasons for that.

Not only does it provide a controlled environment for their drivers to put their cars to the test without fear of innocent bystanders getting injured should something bad happen to the car during testing. A private testing facility also keeps the the new car hidden away from prying eyes of the news media looking to scoop a big story about a secret project car.

And finally, you want an appropriate test facility so you don’t have to do… this. What looks to be a quick jaunt turns hair-raising when it becomes clear the car is going to have a hard time stopping before sliding off the end of the paved lot and into the brush beyond. Obviously even with the car still quite a ways from completion, we would hate to see all of this hard work and engineering go to waste because they didn’t have adequate shut down area.

Whether or not the Owl makes to production, there’s no denying the brutal 1.9 second 01-00 km/h acceleration, which would break all previous 0-100 records if it’s verified by an outside party, and I believe the record run has to be made by an actual production version of the car, so it remains to be seen if the Owl can swoop in and take the crown.