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Old School Footage – Camaro Z28 Messing With a 455 Pontiac GTO

This GTO may have the stance of a 4×4 pickup truck, but that torquey 455 Pontiac under the hood seems to have no problem moving the classic Goat on down the road. The driver of the Pontiac jumps in the throttle as the video opens, then quickly slows as one of the passengers indicated the camera car was a police-option Camaro with a radar gun. However, you can see the relief on the driver’s face when he realized it’s actually friends of his pulling alongside in a regular Camaro with a camera, not a radar gun, so the two GM hotrods have a little more fun on the highway.

When the pair of cars got lined up and dropped the hammer, the Camaro put up a good fight but the GTO just proved to be too powerful once again, pulling out to an easy lead against the late model F-Body. While a couple of mods would easily even this race on the Camaro’s behalf, as the cars currently stand the vintage Pontiac is clearly the quicker of the two.

It seems almost certain that the GTO has had some work done, since stock-vs-stock a late model Camaro would easily outrun a stock vintage GTO, although there’s no way of knowing what all is going on under the hood since the video stops short of diving into the details of the build. We do know, thanks to the comments on the video, that the Camaro does have some minor bolt on modifications and ran a 13.1 in the quarter, which means the GTO should be pretty easily in the 12 second range. We love seeing battles like this, just a quick race between a couple of buddies with pretty quick cars trying to determine who has the quicker car between the two. While we’d love to know more about the GTO, it’s definitely cool to leave a little bit to the imagination. Why don’t you guys take your best guess in the comments as to what’s going on inside that 455 engine?