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One-of-a-Kind Bar Stool is a Showstopper! Toolbox & Tandem Wheels!

If you take somebody who has a little bit of ingenuity and the right skill set, put them in the garage, and allow them to craft their vision, bringing it to life, you can come up with some pretty interesting concepts as they unfold in your lap. It’s a lot of fun to watch this creativity as it gives you a different spin on the world as you know it. In a community where you might be used to seeing similar things over and over again, something that’s a little bit different might just give you an idea of how to change things up in your own situation, applying these new concepts to a familiar face.

This time, we check in with a concept that, believe it or not, has been done before but absolutely never like this. For some reason or another, the bar stool is a common starting point for building a little miniature hot rod. People like to take them and stuff engines behind them, creating small cruisers that might be good for getting you around the pits. However, this time, we check out such a bar stool cruiser with a little bit of a twist as it throws a couple of different elements into the mix that can make this one particularly useful.

Not only does a stool act as a sort of go-cart to get around with but it also plays the role of a tool carrier as well, strapping a toolbox on the back to raise that utility factor, allowing the machine to tow around some of the things that you might need on race day. If you follow the video below from the victoryredcolorado YouTube channel, you’ll be able to see that this one not only comes with its fair share of craftsmanship but also has some neat design elements to it as well!