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One of the worst GT accidents of all-time! Millions of dollars in damage!

Talk about the mother of all chain-reaction pile-ups?! This looks like a scene straight out of a Michigan snowpocalypse, or anytime my native Alabama gets a light dusting of snow and everybody loses their mind and driving ability.

I’ll admit up front that this is one type of racing I don’t really know too much bout, but I do know a badass car when I see it and all of these FIA GT cars are insanely cool. Starting life as cars I’d kill to drive, these Mercedes, BMW and Audi race cars all look very much like their road-going counterparts. However, under the bodies, which have been given the full aerodynamic treatment with huge rear wings and widebody additions, these things are all business.

Just a minute and a half into this race, things take an incredible turn for the worse after a pair of cars get together entering one of the incredibly tight turns of the Macau race course and cause an instant and unexpected road block. With the rest of the pack bunched tightly behind them – they were on the first lap, after all – the other drivers were left with nowhere to go and no time to get there.

Almost instantly, nearly the entire field was taken out of the race, left piled in a heap behind the two cars that started the initial crash. Only the first 4 cars in the field made it through the turn cleanly, leaving them looking at a red flag situation, since the turn in question was completely blocked by the pile up.

I’m not sure if any of the cars caught up in the wreck were able to continue the race, or if it was left to the top 4 to finish the day, but either way, you can bet there were some sore drivers and sore checkbooks after this monster pileup. Hopefully none of the drivers were injured. The cars, as expensive as they are, can all be repaired or replaced, while the same can’t be said for the men strapped in the driver’s seat.