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One Tool the Cops Don’t Want you to Have

If you’re anything like me, there have probably been situations where you have found yourself locked out of your vehicle. It might be a little bit embarrassing to admit but I have to say that there have been several times where I have been stranded, waiting for the locksmith to come out and retrieve my keys from inside of my truck. Generally, in my experience, it usually tends to be at a late and inconvenient hour of the night and in order to get those guys out to the scene, it generally costs at least $100, only for them to come and pop a lock in just a couple of moments.

Now, buying a membership to a company like AAA who will give you an allotment of services like popping locks, included with your membership, might be a good idea. Another idea that you could use to keep on hand should you find yourself tied up in this situation would be this very tool. It just so happens to be a toolkit that most pop-a-lock services will keep on hand and if you keep it in your vehicle somewhere, nice and hidden but still accessable from the outside, you could potentially use it to get back in your vehicle after you found out that your keys are stuck inside while you are stuck outside.

One of the questions that popped into my head while watching this little demonstration was that if you’re going to go through all of that work why would you not just hide a key instead? Well, I guess that the simple answer would be that either you wouldn’t want someone to have the key to your vehicle, potentially, which would mean that they could start it up and drive away with it if they were to find it or you don’t have a key and getting something like the kit might be a little bit cheaper and definitely more versatile than just a single key that you might have to pay the dealership a pretty penny to get made.