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Optimus Overkill RC 6x6x6 SEMI Truck in the Ice and Snow

When a project comes together just right, you can’t help but admire the craftsmanship no matter what kind of media it’s created in. The guys over at RC Sparks Studio have come up with some pretty insane remote control creations and this one is most certainly no different.

In this little jaunt, we check out a remote control masterpiece in the form of the 6x6x6 semi-truck that’s otherwise known as Optimus Overkill. As the name insists, this mad machine is modeled after a version of Optimus Prime from the Transformers saga if Optimus had been jacked up and doing some steroids!

In the flick pictured here, we check out the truck in action as it’s been in the works for many years and we finally get to see the fruits of many hard hours of labor that have managed to come together in an all-terrain monster that looks raring and ready to tackle the elements.

Check out the incredible build that features 3 drive axles and 3 axle steering in the video below as it gets put into action. This one definitely had some time and thought invested to make it right! Among a whole collection of remote control projects, the creator says that this one is one of his favorites!