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Owner Wants $80k For Classic Auburn, Pickers Inform and Negotiate

When it comes to the American Pickers reality show on History, we never know what they’re going to come across. One day, the find might be something like action figures. The next day, it could potentially be something as grand is an automobile. The fun part about the whole ordeal is that we never know what the find is going to be worth. Even the most dilapidated goods can end up bringing quite the fortune. Obviously, better condition means more money. Everything has its value, though. The challenge that these guys come across is being able to accurately pinpoint said value.

This time, we stumble upon a car that’s known as in Auburn. The vehicle produced in 1935 is described as one that would be driven by the rich and famous. Because of this, the car would hold a slightly higher value. Its exclusivity means that there aren’t as many floating around these days. While rarity doesn’t always equate to value, in this case, it certainly does help out the equation.

After seeing the car, it seems like the guys would like to bring this thing home and begin to restore it. It turns out that the seller doesn’t start out so willing, though. In fact, the car that is said to probably retail for around $30,000 originally had an asking price of $80,000. Obviously, there’s quite a gap there and no buyer who was going to try and restore this thing and make money will pay $80,000 for it.

The car could be worth more but slight differences in models make the value drop to the $30,000 range. For example, the fact that it’s a six cylinder is the biggest factor that draws away from the value. We learn that instead, the eight-cylinder cars tend to bring more money. On top of that, if it’s a supercharged eight cylinder, it will become one of the most valuable Auburn vehicles.

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