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Pair of Lamborghinis Hit the Wall at TX2K23

The caliber of street machines that one would find at any given TX2k event is relatively insane. One walk through the pits turns up a plethora of machines boasting more than 1000 hp. Not just that but plenty of these machines dive deep into the six-figure range when it comes to the asking price for a factory stock unit. That’s right, not only are competitors here racing vehicles that are approaching the prices of an average American home if not blowing past it. They’re doing so with modifications that can sometimes move toward the six-figure price range and frequently go beyond it as well.

As fun as it can be to watch a Lamborghini rocket its way down the track in a roll race, appearing as if it’s about to launch into orbit without even leaving the ground, there is a looming dark cloud that goes with any form of racing. No matter how safe one is or how experienced they are behind the wheel, sometimes, things just don’t go as according to plan.

This year, at TX2K23, several cars, unfortunately, didn’t make it past the roll racing portion of the event unscathed. Yesterday, we featured a Ford Mustang that lost traction immediately, nearly taking out a Lamborghini in the next lane before plowing into the wall. This time, it’s the Lamborghinis that weren’t so fortunate. In the videos below from Turnpike Racing League, not one but two Huracans meet the unfortunate fate of hitting the wall.

Fortunately, it does look like both drivers were able to walk away from their respective incidents. However, the damage done is still going to hurt even if neither of the drivers was physically injured in the process.

Incidents like this really make us appreciate the high stakes that are in play when racing such cars.