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Mustang Nearly Clips Lamborghini as it Goes Hard Into Wall at TX2K

The annual TX2K event is known to bring out some pretty gnarly rides from around the country to see what they’ve got in both dig and roll racing formats. In fact, it might be the biggest annual draw for high-powered street cars. This year should be no different as we’ve already seen some clips of the event making their way around social media that show off some wild undertakings.

Unfortunately for the owner of one Ford Mustang, their TX2K23 experience would end almost as quickly as it had begun. In this particular side-by-side battle, the owner of the Mustang would go at it with a Lamborghini Huracan. Unfortunately, though, the winner of the side-by-side roll race ends up being the concrete retaining wall designed to keep cars out of the crowd.

As the cars got going, passing the starting line, it was only a matter of a couple of seconds before the Mustang driver punched the throttle and the car went sideways. From there, we wouldn’t expect anybody to be able to save what happened next as the car veered across the lane of the Lamborghini, sliding in front of its opposition before going headfirst into the wall. The driver of the Lamborghini was quick on the brakes to make sure that the situation didn’t escalate into a two-car incident.

Most importantly, the driver of the Mustang was able to exit the car under their own power and it seems as if they were able to walk away.

Below, our host at Turnpike Racing League captured the moment that got pretty ugly for the owner of the Mustang. As this was from practice on the first day of the event, there is certainly a lot more footage to come from Texas. Hopefully, the racers don’t make too much more use of the wall from here on out.

Owner of UGR, KC Howeth Crashes Lamborghini Huracan at TX2K23

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