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Where Do You Park A $1 Milion Dollar Car? Your Living Room?!

There comes a point in time where one puts together enough money to start doing some crazy things that we all dream of. I think for many of us gearheads, being able to take our vehicle and park it in the living room is a sort of fantasy. How awesome would it be to have an incredible car that stays super clean and goes out on the weekends, only to be displayed in the center of the house like a piece of artwork? We can answer that one for you. It would be something incredibly awesome and a great way to live!

For the man who goes by “Nick,” that we meet in this Supercar Blondie video, it just so turns out that the Houston, TX resident is just one of those folks who has enough money to make that dream come true. For someone who has enough disposable income to shell out $1 million for a car, just imagine how much that leaves behind to spend on one’s home. With that money, Nick has built himself quite the place, including a drive in living room that allows him to keep an eye on his McLaren Senna even when he isn’t out driving it or in the garage. Talk about an accent that could brighten up a room!

By following along with the video below, we take a look at this car that is optioned out to be quite the eyecatcher, as if the Senna didn’t do that enough already. After taking a tour of this situation, we think that most people might want to start saving up their money to build themselves a home like this! You’d better get the permission of that significant other, though, just to make sure that parking in the living room is a shared vision.

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