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Suzuki Samurai on Massive Tires Shows us What a Might Mouse Can Do!

As the old adage goes, big things can sometimes be found in small packages. This is especially true in the world of motorsports pretty much across the board. After all, no matter what corner we’re taking a look at, whether it be the thrill seeking adrenaline rush of hurling down a drag strip or the exploration that one gets trudging through the mud in a bounty hole, keeping the weight away from one’s vehicle can be a good way to gain a competitive advantage. After all, it’s a lot easier to accelerate with a lightweight platform and can be a good way to help keep the vehicle from sinking deeper into the mud.

This time, we ride along with an adventure from our friends over at Triple X Motorsports and Outdoors as they take us for a ride with the Suzuki Samurai that shows us what such a small platform can do. Now, it’s not too hard to tell that this isn’t just any Samurai. After all, the vehicle has been lifted way up and perched on some massive tires, 44-inch tall tires to be exact. Amidst a variety of other modifications, the lightweight Samurai certainly finds a way to make the most of the muddy situation, powering forward at all costs. Every once in a while, the winch does come in handy, though!

By tuning in with the video below, we are taken for a wild ride with this machine that puts itself in the best position to conquer the elements at hand. Sure, it’s not a full-size truck but at the end of the day, all that the Samurai has to offer might be worth just a little bit more. When it comes to figuring out the task at hand, a little bit of a competitive advantage might revolve around something as simple as keeping the weight off.