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Paul Menard Sets Off Massive Wreck In Closing Moments of Daytona 500.

It has been a LONG couple of weeks or NASCAR driver, Paul Menard. Just last week, a controversial series of events unfolded that had Jimmie Johnson getting in contact with Menard and sending him sideways, causing a massive pileup at The Clash at Daytona that would just about end the race as the rain rolled in and made the event call it quits. Today, at the official kickoff to the NASCAR season in the Daytona 500, Menard would get tied up in the mix again, doing major damage to a second car and effectively ending his weekend with 9 to go in the race.

Last weekend, he would be on the receiving end of some aggressive driving by Johnson but this time, Menard found himself firmly planted in the driver’s seat as he would end up pushing just a little too hard, trying to taste victory lane at Daytona. In the sequence, he managed to take the momentum right out of Matt DiBenedetto’s sails, essentially spinning the 95 car around in a move that would tangle up 18 cars in the process that was just a couple of laps short of everyone being able to pack up and go home for the weekend with their cars still in-tact.

The clip below showcases the incident from a variety of different angles. In the scheme of things, opinions are probably going to fly every which way about this one. On the other hand, though, rubbing is racing and sometimes these things just happen. This is certainly not a good way to start the season as there are going to be plenty of teams that are looking at some major repairs or possibly losing an entire car and we’re only on race one! Perhaps this is one of the most challenging parts of competing on such a circuit!