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Paul Teutul Sr. + Mikey on American Chopper’s Return

The return of American Chopper has been widely publicized and, thanks to an advanced screening of sorts of the first new episode airing a few weeks back, much of America has already seen what’s coming for the Tetutul’s and the famed Orange County Choppers shop in New York.

To promote the show’s upcoming premiere, Paul Sr. and Mikey headed to a local radio station to discuss the changes in dynamics that fans can expect to see in the upcoming season. As expected, Paul Jr. will be a part of the show, but he’s still operating his own show, Paul Jr. Designs, and will only be joining the OCC crew to help with various projects instead of as a full-time OCC employee like the first time around.


We saw in the early showing of the season premiere that the New York Yankees bike was damaged by vandals and brought the Paul’s together as they discussed restoring the bike to its former glory. That seems like the segue that brought the two back under the same roof without a huge blow-up as we so often saw with them before on the show.

As Paul Sr. points out, the two of them being in business together is a large part of the tension that was so prevalent the first time around, so they’re hopeful that each of them running their own business will allow them to work together without butting heads on everything this time.

Senior and Mikey spend a moment discussing how they are portrayed on the show and why Mikey has only watched a couple of episodes despite the original run carrying on for ten seasons, claiming that he’d seen his father toss film crews out of the shop the day after seeing an episode that painted him in a less-than-stellar light.

Catch the first episodes of the new season starting in May, and you can watch full episodes of the show now on Discovery Channel’s website.