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Pawn Stars Rick Harrison Won’t Negotiate On A 1967 GT350

As owners of the most popular pawnshop in the world, the guys of Pawn Stars end up seeing a lot of items. While most of them seem to be smaller in size, every once in a while they get a bigger item. This time, said bigger item just so happened to come in the form of an awesome old-school muscle machine. The car in question is none other than a 1967 Shelby GT 350. This particular model and year only ever saw 1175 total examples made.

Not only is it an awesome icon of the time but also one that’s pretty rare. The car is so sought after, in fact, that people have made plenty of cones of it. You can’t blame them, either. The story behind a car is downright awesome and the looks really add icing to the cake. I don’t care what brand someone is a fan of, most people probably be proud to wheel this thing down the street.

This particular example has 62,000 original miles with lots of original components still on board. To top things off, the car was even signed by Carroll Shelby which is definitely a pretty big plus. For all of this, the owner would ask a price of $125,000. We aren’t necessarily experts on the classic car market but that’s something to chew on no matter what the budget.

As it turns out, Rick of the Pawn Stars had a specific price in mind when he did the research. Normally, when negotiations happen they go back and forth. However, it seems like Rick is sticking to a $100,000 offer against the original asking price.

Will the seller budge and give up this classic machine for six figures? Will he be heading home with the car to try again another day? Watch the clip below to find out!