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Does it Pay to Cheap Out on Replacement Tool Batteries?

When picking out just about anything, there can be a price differential that’s hard to break down. There are definitely times where it’s worth it just to spend the extra money on a better product. After all, higher prices aren’t always a function of some ridiculous markup. The juice might really be worth the squeeze.

There are other times, though, where it can be more difficult to justify a markup. Sometimes, brands like to slap their logo on something and immediately add a percentage to the price. In fact, sometimes, the same exact product could be sold under two different names for different prices. It goes without saying that a brand name isn’t always going to actually be worth the increased price.

This time, we check out an interesting comparison that could stand to save tool owners a couple of bucks. Buying the correct tool for the job is nice and all. However, if this tool is battery operated, down the road, it will come with some replacement requirements. After all, batteries are going to wear out.

Naturally, with something like this, there are aftermarket companies that promise to be able to do the job. Will aftermarket cheap batteries be worth it, though? Sure, they might save money. However, if they’re going to die out immediately, they obviously won’t be worth the investment, even if it is smaller. It can be hard to pick and choose where to spend the extra money.

This time, we join in with the Project Farm YouTube channel as they run an experiment to get to the bottom of just this issue. Back in the day, finding information like this might’ve been a challenge. Luckily, in 2020, there are plenty of YouTube channels willing to educate the masses. In this day and age, saving money has never been easier.

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