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Penske Games – Pro Drivers Driving Blindfolded (Don’t Worry, They’re RC Cars!)

While it is certainly a dream job for just about everybody on the planet, especially a high percentage of the male population, driving a racecar for a living isn’t all fun and games. Sure, they spend hours each weekend behind the wheel of high powered racecars, but they also have to handle sponsor obligations, media and public appearances, and travel, and that’s on a light week.

Sometimes, however, they get to get together and just cut loose, although in true gearhead fashion, they usually end up in come kind of racing competition anyway. As part of the Penske Games, a running series of challenges that pit drivers from NASCAR, IMSA, VASC and INDYCAR head to head for fun and… well just for fun!

In the latest episode, eighteen drivers gathered to team up in pairs for blindfold RC car races, where one member of each team drove an RC car around the intricate track while their teammate talks them through each turn and obstacle. While it seems easy enough, if you think about trying to do anything in complete darkness with only “right/left/straight/back up” as your instructions, it’s definitely quite the challenge.

However, with no real risk other than losing the challenge, these guys end up laughing as much as they do driving, leaving them turning lap times that are several minutes instead of the few seconds it would take if they had use of their eyes.

After both rounds are complete, the team of Ryan Blaney and Dane Cameron is crowned champions of the blind RC race, taking down Joey Logano and Juan Pablo Montoya in the finals, despite Logano/Montoya having a far faster and more badass RC car!

It’s great to see these pro drivers goofing off and having fun, especially while doing a totally new kind of racing!