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The Perfect Camaro? Twin Turbo 1500hp Street Machine!

What makes the perfect car? For different enthusiasts, the answer to that question will probably vary greatly. In fact, we would probably argue that the answer is different for just about everyone. On the other hand, though, we could see how it would be rather easy to fall in love with this particular Chevrolet Camaro. Some might even call it the perfect Camaro.

Operating with plenty of boosts, the first generation car is powered by 427 cubic inches of LSX muscle. With a pair of turbos, the rowdy muscle machine is able to crank out 1500 hp. Most cars of this magnitude would probably be considered a one-trick pony. Sure, they can saunter their way down the drag strip but beyond that, most will live their lives will be lived on a trailer. This Camaro is looking to break the mold on that idea.

In order to do that, the forum would be none other than Drag Week. On this year’s Drag Week, drivers would drive nearly 1000 miles from track to track as they would compete at five different venues.

With Mark Friedrich and Rob Schuttert teaming up, the car would be a force to be reckoned with. A couple of curveballs were thrown their way and this meant a long night wrenching session. One night, they even had to disassemble part of the engine. It ended up being a small scare. The skull-cracking would commence the next day and for the rest of Drag Week. We would venture to say that it was pretty smoothly considering the abuse that all of the machines at the event were put through.

By following along with the BigKleib34 video below, we get the full rundown on the car and how the week went. While many might make Drag Week look easy, we guarantee you that each and every team is putting in the work! Those who make it to the finish line have something to brag about. Making it through with passes like these is on a whole new level!

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