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Personal Drone Taxi Takes Flight, Automated Service a Threat to Uber?

As we push forward each every day, we see some pretty wild advancements going on in the transportation sector. Whether it be a car that drives itself or a machine that’s able to travel longer distances while spending fewer dollars per mile and limiting the number of times needed to get the charger to refill it, every day, it seems like there’s some new tidbit of tech coming out that really is changing the way that we travel. Sure, it might be a step-by-step process but before long, we might not even be able to recognize the transportation of today.

This time, we check out a method of traveling that might seem to be pretty foreign today but tomorrow could be the norm. Instead of catching a regular taxi or even an Uber, this automated drone taxi suggests that we will have our own personal transportation that will be able to come to our home and deliver us to wherever we need to be through personal flight. It might not be something that happens today or tomorrow but eventually, I could definitely see a world where we have personal transportation refined to the point where it flawlessly delivers person by person to their destination without any human input at all.

Follow along in the video down below that shows this personalized drone that really takes things to the next level in terms of what you can expect out of how we might get around. After taking a peek at this method of unmanned transportation, be sure to tell us how viable you think an option like this is and if we will ever be able to see something like this put to a regular use. The day where ground transportation is a thing of the past might be scary but it could be a reality that we will one day have to look into.

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